What We’ve Been Up To – Summer 2017 Recap

We’re well into fall now and I can’t really believe that it is already halfway (or more) through September so this post is a little behind but I figure better late than never.

Summer always seems to fly by – this was my 5th summer off (thanks teaching job!) but I’m still amazed at how fast the time seems to go, even when you have every day as vacation. This summer Jon was off too and that gave us time for some big adventures (California! Victoria!), but we kept it pretty low key when it has come to the smaller adventures and seemed to do less than normal.

Lawn bowling kept us very busy – almost too busy. Both of us earned spots on our provincial team this year and while that cut down on the number of times we had to travel to Edmonton, it meant that we spent at lot of time on greens practicing. We’ve been pretty lucky that the lawn bowling community has basically adopted our child – he’s got grannies and aunties and sometimes strangers who want to cuddle and hangout while we bowl which makes it possible for both of us to play.

Just another day of practice

Being on the provincial team meant we had the chance to represent Alberta at the Canadian Lawn Bowling Championships in Victoria, BC and spent a week competing there which took up a large part of August but was a ton of fun!

Our house always has at least one home repair going on and this summer we tackled some outdoor landscaping projects. They started quite small and grew into larger projects that we still haven’t finished. Luckily Jon is off this September and has been working to finish them! Then he’s got a huge list of indoor projects to keep him busy…

In the early states of landscaping

After a disappointing start (I had to plant my bean seedlings three times before enough grew) our garden finally kicked it into gear in August and was overflowing the beds! While we have nothing like we used to have at the old house was enough stuff growing now that we had big leafy salads, fresh beans, herbs and lots of sautéed greens.

Our back alley raspberry patch and our sour cherry tree were also super productive. We managed to harvest almost all of the raspberries but our tree just has so many cherries that I wasn’t able to keep up. We definitely had some delicious raspberry pies and sour cherry cobblers more often than we maybe should have.

There were a few mornings where I ate sour cherry cobbler and yogurt for breakfast…
Our back alley raspberries were very productive this year
I don’t think the white ones taste as good as the red but they are all so pretty

And what about that summer bucket list? We managed to do almost everything on it at least one but I would have liked to spend a little more time hiking and camping since we only did those once.

  • take the little guy camping – check! One night at Bow Valley was all we squeezed it but I’m still pretty happy we got out.
  • Go for a paddle – I’d hoped we get out for an actual trip but I’m still happy that we did lots of paddling at the lake this summer.
Sunset paddles
  • Go hiking – we did a very short hike while camping but that was it.
  • Use the smoker – and try something new (I’m thinking a smoked cheese?) – sort of since I did smoke a brisket (and it was perfect)  but not a new item
  • Play in the river – we did a little bit but it was often too hot to walk down
  • Get our front flower beds redone – nope
  • Finally chop down the rest of the apple tree – nope
  • Have a camp fire – while we were camping we managed to cross this off but then the fire ban sort of put an end to this one
  • Take another family vacation at the cabin – yes! it was lovely and relaxing
  • Have a picnic – finally! We had burgers and slurpies (see below) in the park by our house.
  • Drink all the slurpies – I had more this year than I’ve had in a while and my favourite was definitely this apple cider one from Sea Cider while we were in Victoria.

And while I’d hoped we do some more adventurous things, looking back we had a pretty fun time. I know next summer will be totally different (a mobile little one will make a few things more challenging) so I’m glad we all got to share this first summer together as a family.


Baby Scotch at 5 Month

The little guy celebrated his 5 month-versary by spending his first full day at daycare. I can’t believe how big my little baby has gotten!


What He’s Been Up To

Growing – we got on the scale the other day and I think he’s in around 16.5 lbs. He’s definitely all delightful chubby rolls on his arms and legs! What I think I notice most about his growth these days isn’t the weight gain but how much he has changed in appearance. He looks like a little boy now (instead of a baby) and his eyes have started to darken up. Also, his hair has finally started to come back in although I’m not sure exactly what colour it is.

Eating – still all the time (including a few wake ups at night). He is more distracted now when he nurses so it can be a bit of a struggle but in general he’s pretty good at nursing and taking a bottle. He seems pretty interested in solid foods but we’re going to wait until closer to 6 months before we take that plunge!

Sleeping – still remains elusive. He wakes up a few times at night to eat, and sometimes a few times at night just to babble at us. When we first had him I was totally against co-sleeping but now at 5 months he ends up in our bed almost every night at some point.

play – he definitely plays with stuff now and can even keep himself occupied. The excersaucer remains a favourite play place – he gets in it first thing in the morning and is just as happy as can be – but he is also enjoying a set of coloured texture balls and his stuffed pink elephant.


He still loves to read and has finally figured out that the crinkle books are fun for him to play with as well.

Reading his crinkle books on the way to the cabin

Fun stuff – he still really into standing and will happily stand (with support) for as long as you’ll hold him up.

He’s also loving putting things into his mouth – especially drinking glasses although anything goes in there if he can grab it.

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve been trying to soak up time with the little guy and Jon before heading back to work so lots of the month was just hanging out.

We did have a 10 day trip to Victoria and a few days at the cabin too.

Get got o hang out with gramps while we played
Just hanging out at the ocean again
Getting some help from Patches with this whole swimming thing

What We’re Looking Forward To

This month has a lot of changes for us with him starting daycare and me back at work. Our first week wasn’t so bad but we’ll see how it goes as there are a lot of moving parts and new routines.

Jon is also away so I’m doing my first solo parenting stint. So far its been better than I thought it would be but I’m still looking forward to having him home.

I finally started cloth diapering over the past few days and I’m looking forward to figuring it out. I’m already mildly obsessed with the whole process and I suspect that I’m going to lose many hours of my life to research and experiments. Stay tuned!

One More Summer Vacation

We decided to squeeze in one more summer get-away – four days at the cabin to cap off our summer and soak up the sunshine before heading back to work/school/daycare. We didn’t do anything other than relax at the cabin – but why would you leave when it looks like this?

Baby E played in his portable pod, had his first swim in the lake and attempted to drink a slurpee.

Last time we went to the cabin he screamed when I dipped his toes in – this time he was all smiles
He tried hard but couldn’t figure it out
Right now it is all about putting things into his mouth

I swam, went paddle boarding and read several books.

And while I haven’t been able to cross everything off my summer bucket list, we definitely got a lot of paddling in with a before bed trip out on the lake each night. Every night we were able to go a little longer so I’ve hopeful that next summer we’re going to make it out for a day long adventure!

He doesn’t always think canoeing is super exciting

While I know we’ve still got lots of adventures ahead of us (September can be such a lovely month) I’ve going to miss having our lazy summer days off as a family. I’m already looking forward to next summer.


Visiting Victoria – Bowling and Travel

I’ve been lucky enough to head to Vancouver Island the past two springs with school (I missed out this year since I was pregnant with the little guy) but Jon and I haven’t been out for a real visit in several years. In fact, we both had a hard time remembering exactly what we did last time we went out to Victoria just to visit (which was either 2003, or 2004 – we’re both a little fuzzy on the details).  So when we found out we would get a chance to travel to Victoria for the Canadian Lawn Bowling Championships we decided to tack on a few extra days and do some sight seeing as well as bowling (and of course Baby E came along for another family trip).

We were lucky to have some free accommodations in Oak Bay for a few days before competition started so we based ourselves out of there for our fun days. We had an early morning flight from Calgary that was delayed by over an hour and a baby who hadn’t slept since 4 am so we decided to spent what was left of our first day just exploring the beaches in Oak Bay.

Hanging out on the beach – E even dipped his toes in the ocean
Just like Dad

Feeling slightly less tired on day 2 we started off with an early(ish) visit to Fisherman’s Wharf and the Victoria waterfront. We parked at the wharf ($3 for two hours) and then walked the seaside path as far as Munro’s Books. We have started a tradition of purchasing Baby E a book about each place we visit when we travel so we spent some time picking out the perfect West Coast book for his collection before walking back.

Colourful floating houses at Fisherman’s Wharf
A quick stop to the parliament buildings

We had a picnic lunch near the wharf before heading out of the city to visit Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site. We’ve actually been avoiding visiting parks and historic sites this year (with free entry everything is really busy) but the site was really quiet and we spent an hour or so wandering around. The site is only a few minutes from the lawn bowling greens so we stopped in to check things out and roll a few bowls.

We had the lighthouse all to ourselves

On our final day of just vacation we tidied up our condo (and did a quick load of laundry) before doing some practice at the lawn bowling greens. Then we headed north out of the city to sample ciders at Sea Cider. It was chilly so we sampled in the tasting room but they also have a patio that looks out over the orchard.


Since we had to pick up Gramps at the airport we decided to spend what was left of our afternoon walking in Sidney. There is a nice waterfront trail so we loaded baby E into his stroller and enjoyed just being by the ocean.

We grabbed Gramps from the airport and after a quick dinner in Sidney headed to our hotel to meet up with our team. We had practice and check in the next day and then it was on to six day of competition. Some people manage to do other things while competing but with the baby we found it busy enough to manage him and get ourselves ready to play.

Even E had a team Alberta uniform
Jon out on the greens

This was our first trip to nationals as players (I umped last year when it was hosted in Edmonton) and it was quite the experience. Things wrapped up with finals on Saturday (my team won a bronze!) and then it was back home to Calgary.

The whole family – we were the only competitors there with a baby

We still have a bit more lawn bowling left this summer/fall (Jon is off to Winnipeg in week for more competition) but Victoria was likely our last longer trip for a while since I’m heading back to work soon. I’m glad we got to spend the time together and squeeze in another family trip in what has already been a busy summer!

Baby Scotch – Four Months

I tried to do a four month photo shoot and he had a total meltdown so this is the best we got!

What He’s Been Up To

Growing – we had our four month vaccines and visit to the doctor yesterday and our little guy is now a whopping 15.5 lbs. That’s double his birthweight now and right on track. He’s out growing some of the smaller 3 – 6 month clothing but still has some things that seem to have fit him for ever.

Eating – I really thought he would space out his eating more but most of the time he is still eating every 2 or 3 hours – even at night. I would love him to have some bigger breaks between meals – especially when we’re sleeping – so that is something to work on.

Sleep – oh, sleep. Still in the pack n’play at night but we’ve transitioned to napping in his crib (he had a successful 40 minute nap there this week) or wherever we are. He’s been having trouble falling back to sleep on his own but we are working on it. Right now he goes to “bed” around 7:30 pm (in his crib if possible) and sleeps (with breaks to get up and eat) until 8 am. Being able to put him down in his crib in the evening has been great!

Patches also loves outside naps because he gets to share the napping blanket

Fun stuff

Right now he loves putting everything in his mouth. If he can figure out how to grab it, it is going in. Everything is covered in drool.

Still loving reading with Dad

His reflection in the mirror cracks him up – he will laugh at himself forever. He is also really loving lying on his changing mat and the giraffe wall sticker in his room always gets huge smiles.

We picked up another exersaucer for him and it has been the best ever. He is desperate to stand (and walk) and this means he can do both without us holding him. The exersaucer has a pivot point so he can walk around in circles and he keeps himself busy for at least an hour every day.

He exersaucers indoors and outdoors

And of course we took him for his first camping trip (huge success!) and he attended his first Stampede Breakfast (no pancakes for him yet).

Too distracted by what the other kids are doing to pay attention

What I’ve Been Up To

Not sleeping – the two hour feeding schedule, plus the dog have been keeping me up at night. Its been just a little bit frustrating but hopefully we can start to space things out (and the dog will give up on his 4 poops in the middle of the night habit).

Fitting into my clothes – with the exception of a few items (which may never fit again) I’m back into all my clothes. I’m just a few pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and slowly feeling like I’m getting back into shape.

Starting to think what this whole thing is going to look like when I go back to work next month – I’m returning to work in September and I’ve been slowly trying to figure out how I’m going to juggle job, baby, family, pets, working out, etc.

What We’re Looking Forward To

More travel – we’ve got two more vacations planned for summer and I’m glad that we’re going to be using up the rest of time off with some travel and some relaxing.