Hi, I’m Jenny and welcome to my blog. I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband Jonny and our son E.

We moved to Calgary in 2005, left briefly in 2007 to travel through Canada and South America and returned again in 2008 to settle down for a while. Now in 2020 we’re exploring Australia for a year!

I used to post about my every day life, but since E arrived in 2017 I’ve got way less time so now I just write about our adventures  – travel, camping, hiking, biking and other outdoor pursuits – with the occasional DIY or recipe in there. Our level of adventure has changed but we’re still passionate about the outdoors and travel and continue to try our best to get out as a family as often as we can.

You can read more by visiting my blog or if you’re specifically interested in travel, our outdoor adventures or our year in Australia (MacDonalds Abroad) you can click below: