Nigeria Part 2

Over a full week in Nigeria now. We had a rain storm that caused some flooding so we had to help clean up that. We went for dinner at the home of some friends of Mark and Joc’s. The food wasn’t my favourite but it was interesting to learn about how they were raising fish and see their house.

Nigeria - Chief Family
Our hosts

We have been keeping busy with activities around Joc. We went swimming at the nearby quarry and had a nice picnic. We went sailing at and had some hot dogs over a campfire.

Nigeria - Campfire

Nigeria - Learning to Sail

Today we were out at a small village visiting a family and a fulani village next to them. It was a great experience and they were very happy to see us and loved getting their pictures taken. The fulani’s were so excited about the pictures that they all had to get on their fancy clothes and pose for picture after picture. They were shocked when we told them that we were getting married and that the groom’s family does not have to pay the bride’s family. They also asked if we were going to do anything special for that day like slaughter a cow.

Nigeria - Fulani

 Jenn and I helped with some more sewing projects this week too for some widows. Not too much of a busy week, but it was nice.

Nigeria - Sewing
Making aprons

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