Nigeria – Part 4

We’ve spent the last week travelling around Nigeria on a bit of a mini-road trip. We started off bright and early since it was a long drive and arrived at our hotel in Abraka in the evening. It is right along a little river that is full of fish so we were able to swim right from the hotel. The first day we were there it rained but that didn’t stop us from going for a swim in the river.

Nigeria - Hotel
The river at the hotel

The next day was nicer so we planned a float down the river. We drove to the start with our tubes, and then Mark got a ride on a motor cycle to drop the truck off. We had a pretty fun day floating down the river – there are platforms where you can stop and jump off, the water was really clear and we were the only people out there.

Nigeria - river float

That evening we moved to the nearby Turf Club (a polo club) to spend a night there in a very nice condo-style room. The polo club is also on the water so we went for a river float there as well.

Nigera - polo club

We headed back on the road the following day – we got a flat tire and bought some delicious mangos – which delayed us long enough that we didn’t get to our destination that night as planned.

Nigeria - Flat Tire
Changing a flat
Nigeria - Mango
Roadside mango sales

The next day we headed to the Obudu Cattle Ranch. It was quite the drive up – you need to climb these huge hills on a very narrow road. We gave a lift to one of the ranch guards and it was the first time I’ve ever ridden in a truck with a man holding a machine gun. The ranch was very nice but fully booked up for the weekend so we only got to spend the one night. It was already mid-afternoon so after a quick walk around the ranch property we headed for a swim at the nearby waterfall.

Nigeria - Grotto

The following morning we got up early to do some hiking. We hiked up to a waterfall and got to see some beautiful scenery.

Nigeria - Obudu 1

Nigeria - Obudu 2

Nigeria - Obudu 3

After our hike we left Obudu and stopped for anothet truck repair (missing a bolt) before stopping for the night in Makurdi. Then it was home to Jos! It was really fun to get to see some other parts of the country – in a few days we’ll be heading back to Ghana and then it’s only a couple more weeks before we head home.


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