Rookie Move MacDonald!

Jonny and I decided that this was the weekend to start our winter camping season. Neither of us had ever been to the Cypress Hills so we packed up the ‘preza and the dog and headed out early Saturday morning. The plan was to hike around Saturday, spend the night and head home Sunday morning sometime.

The first part of day went according to plan. We arrived around noon, figured out the self registration system, and headed off to see if we could find any more wild turkeys lurking in the hills. Sadly, things went horribly wrong when we arrived back at camp and attempted to set up our tent. Someone (lets call him Jon) had forgotten to pack the tent poles. It wasn’t our finest camping moment and after spending a little time trying to come up with a workable solution using three spruce trees and some rope we gave up and headed home. Option B was sleeping in the car, but after emptying it out and crawling in, we decided it wouldn’t be the best sleep, especially since Jon would have to spoon the dog all night.

A little disappointing but we’ve learned to check for all our gear before heading to the other side of the province. We also got to see wild turkeys, the fattest deer possible and some large animal prints. Oh, and lets not forget the world’s tallest tepee in Medicine Hat. We’ll be attempting to start the camping season again soon, but this time we’ll make sure to check what we’re actually packing.

Attempting to Winter Camp1
Patches enjoying the hiking
Attempting to Winter Camp2
Demonstrating how the tent could have worked
Attempting to Winter Camp3
A pretty moon on the late drive home


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