A Post for the God Father

[My family called Friday night, I think with the sole purpose of getting my blog address. This straight forward task was complicated by the fact it wasn’t just my mother on the phone, but the whole gang. And they were calling on a cell phone. Glad you guys called though, welcome!]

We started a puzzle this weekend (I know, we’re wild!). It’s a bear, a brown bear, and all the pieces are of brown hair. Its that kind of puzzle where you pick a piece and then try to attach every other piece to it until you get a match. The degree of difficulty is increased by the number of missing pieces, at least two, and probably more now that we’ve discovered that Stella likes to eat them. It promises to be cheap entertainment for a long long time though (which is good for the budget), it was priced $0.99 at the thrift store and then was an additional 10 % off. And will probably take us the rest of the winter.

In addition to all this puzzle excitment, I also found time to up load a whole bunch of pictures onto my album. If you ever wanted to see more pictures of us, and the dog, they’re there.


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