My cooking has really gone down hill lately. I’m not sure why, perhaps I’m just too tired to care about what I throw in the pot. I’m uninspired by what I see in the grocery store and all I really want is my mom to come down and cook for me. I’ve even hauled out the recipe books, but I think I’ve just been making bad choices. Like Sunday night, I made pilaf and I even followed the recipe. But after only a few bites neither one of us could stomach any more and I made grillers instead. You know your cooking is bad when your husband won’t even eat it! The dog did not reject the sample I gave him, but he wasn’t exactly excited for more either. Stella was possibly the only one who would have enjoyed it, but I just saw her eat a rotten apple out of the garden, so she doesn’t exactly have gourmet tastes.

I think I need restaurant makeover to come by, and make over my kitchen. I’d probably feel more inspired if I had a nice new gas range and a whole new decor for the kitchen.


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