How it All Changes

We received amazing news yesterday – monthly visits to the doctor and minor tests are all that are going to be required of Jon for the next two years. We’re ecstatic, there could be nothing better at this point.

The good news does bring reality back to us though. We can no longer travel for extended periods – but that’s a small price to pay for Jon’s health. We tell ourselves we can always go on short trips or maybe in two years. But if there is one thing that this has taught us, it’s that plans will always get changed.

Disappointing as postponing our trip is, it just allows us to follow a different path for now. We’ve still got each other and another 8 months to enjoy here in Calgary before we have to decide anything. We can experience something else, which, while not as exotic as south America, might be just as wonderful.


One thought on “How it All Changes

  1. That’s great news. There is a lot to discover in your own backyard then the world will look “smaller”.. We’ll see you soon in Calgary.


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