Ouch, that hurt!

Jon and I spent the majority of the afternoon being poked, prodded and jabbed by the medical profession.

It started with a trip to the travel clinic for shots and other items. I thought there would be the usual two week wait for an appointment, so when I called last week I very surprised that we could get in so early. I hate getting needles but I imagine I’d hate getting HEP A more, so I allowed Nurse Evil to stab away. The good news is that we’re in the clear for most everything now, with only tetanus, typhoid and yellow fever to be redone in the next 4-7 years. The bad news is that we both left the clinic with sore arms and poorer by $500. After spending that kind of cash we will have to travel a lot more!

We then went to see Jon’s specialist where yet another doctor got to prod away at Jon. All is still well there (thank goodness) and we won’t need to go back for another month. While we were at Foothills we stopped by the labs for a few x-rays (for Jon) and blood work for both of us (routine for Jon, some sort of torture my physician prescribed). It took two nurses (?) who appeared to have just graduated high school, to successfully remove 4 little vials of blood from me. Lucky for them I did not pass out during the procedure. I am hoping my doctor never recommends this again.

We spent the rest of the evening walking the dog and moaning about our sore arms. Thankfully, this is it for me for needles and Jon, well, he’ll just have to toughen up.


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