Easter Weekend

Its been a busy weekend for the MacDonald family. We both worked Friday, which means we get monday off, which means although it feels like the weekend is over, we still have one glorious day left!
Yesterday we accomplished almost the last items on our to-do list for our trip. Other than a call to our credit card company, I think we’ve got everything covered. Not too many days left until we’ll be in Nicaragua!
Today was the first day in a long time that the weather has been really nice. We took advantage of the sunshine and spent the morning wandering in Weaselhead Park.

Patches enjoyed the snow, in only a way that Patches can.

I examined some of the river rocks while Jon and Patches skipped them.

These ducks flew by…

And then so did this guy!

He saw us waving at him, so he circled back around a lower elevation so we could see him more clearly.

Using kibbles, we convinced some chickadees to feed from our hands.

Patches enjoyed the watchable wildlife (he’s watching some geese swim down the river).


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