San Juan de Sur and Managua

The next morning we woke up with plans on catching the 10 am bus to San Juan, a town on the coast south of the beach we were at to spend our second last day there before making it to Managua for our monday morning flight. Jon and I woke up for one last swim but it seemed that dinner at crazy Dave’s hadn’t been as good for A and A as it should have been and both were quite sick. We made it to San Juan, where we found a hotel (quite a nice one) and left A and A there to recover while we explored San Juan. It took Jon and I all of 20 minutes to realize that it wasn’t much but a strip of beachfront restaurants and a great icecream store. We spent the day sleeping and eating icecream until A and A felt well enough for dinner. Then Jon and I ate some more ice cream (it was HOT in San Juan) and I let him beat me at crib a couple of times.

The view of San Juan from our hotel balcony.

Sunday morning we got up early to catch the direct bus to Managua. After being assured that our bus was going direct, we boarded at 7 and proceeded to pick up people all the way through Rivas, and then Masaya and finally arriving in Managua. It ride itself wasn’t bad, we had seats and the roads were paved, but it was too early in the morning to be jammed on an old school bus for twice as long as we’d been expecting.

Conveniently, the bus terminal in Managua is also the best craft market in Managua and we spent an hour picking up all the items we’d wanted to buy in Masay earlier in the trip. Jon and I purchased some cloth, a table runner, coffee, some local art and of course, a magnificent hammock. We loaded our treasures and took our last cab ride in Nicaragua.

We spent our last day lounging at the Best Western near the airport in one of the many pools. The next morning we boarded our flight and headed back home to Calgary.


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