A Weekend in the Wild(erness Park)

After a very long week, Jon made it home from the field in time for us to hit the road for a weekend of camping at Bluerock, just west of Turner Valley. There was still snow left from Thursdays blizzard and we spent a chilly night in our new tent. Its fantastic, and will be even better when we aren’t sharing it with the dog.

Saturday morning we woke early, mostly due to the chilly temperatures and some of it due to a dog who only sleeps until 6 am. Things warmed up by noon and we headed out to view the sites of the park, including Sheep Falls.

We also did a short hike to some bridge along some trail. There were lots of large bear tracks, but all we saw was four deer.
We spent the evening around the fire, eating pies and pizzas from the pie iron. Night two in the tent was much warmer and the dog even slept until 7 am.
Our very cool fire.
We drove home this morning, ready to head to work tomorrow as Jon is in the field and I still have that thesis hanging over my head. We spotted our first bear of the season just outside of our campground (a smaller black bear) but encountered no other wildlife.


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