Things have been slow…

… around here lately.

Jon is home for the week for the monthly scan and stab (x-ray and bloodwork) and things are going really well there. No change is a good thing at this point!
We haven’t been up to much. Playing ultimate twice a week really takes up week day free time and last weekend we just didn’t do anything. We did look at buying a new camera lense but since it may have to come from Japan it could be a while before we get to try it out.
School stuff is just boring and since that is 50% of my life right now it leaves little room for exciting things. Soon though we will have lots of excitment (or at least things to keep us busy). Next weekend we’re running a cross-country race and then the weekend after that I’m joining the family to run in the K100. The weekend after that is our first backpacking trip of the season, and of course it will require several well prepared backpacking meals (and all that dehydrating will keep me busy!).
Oooh, So You Think You Can Dance is on….

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