Trail Races and Ulti Tourneys

Last weekend was the K-100 Relay as well as an ultimate frisbee tournament here in Calgary. Like the keener I am, I felt like I should be participating in both!

Saturday I did my part for the K-100 team and ran leg 9 of the 10 leg relay. I thought I had a great run, I was faster than I thought I’d be and well, I survived. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I finished which was a good thing – had I been more aware of what was going one I might have been more concerned when I turned the corner before the last 300 m to find 4 rangers with large guns. Apparently they had scared a bear from the finish line into the bush on the trail – and then they lost it. More motivation to have a good finishing kick I guess!

I finished off the day with 4 cups of Gatorade and a veggie burger before driving home.

Sunday I played two games of ultimate (we lost both). My legs were definitely a little lead filled but I still had a great time and the weather was fantastic.

I was hoping for some photos of the race but alas, I didn’t lug the large camera around so I am photoless. I will definitely have LOTS of photos of our up coming hiking weekend for my next blog!


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