An Update

Life has been moving along at a breakneck pace for the MacDonalds. In fact, I can’t even remember what we’ve been up to its all moved so fast. Now that we have some deadlines, it seems like things aren’t going to slow down enough for us to get everything done.

We bought a new lens for our camera as a gift for Jon (it was his birthday money). If you thought he took a lot of photos before, you haven’t seen anything yet. If you’re into cameras, its a 50 – 300 mm, which on our camera is 75mm to 450mm. That’s a lot more zoom that our other lens (its also a lot larger).
We ran in another 5Peaks race last Saturday. The swag was very good this time round: new merino wool socks, sunscreen, power bars and more coffee. As it would be, I earned myself another first and Jon got a second. I attribute my success to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs we ate for breakfast.

We also bought Jon a new sleeping bag. He was a little chilly last time we were backpacking and since we have about 13 days of backcountry left this summer we thought he could use a new one. He got a pretty nice down bag, its got a gortex shell and packs up super small.

I submitted my thesis to my committee today, so the exam has officially started. I plan to forget about my thesis for the next two weeks until I have to finish the presentation. I’m really excited to be done, I can’t believe we’ll finally get to move on to doing something new in just over a month.

Other than that, we’re heading out to hike with the parents on Wednesday, it should be nice. We packed up our bags tonight and they actually weigh less than our last backpacking trip and they packed better. I guess the smaller sleeping bag, new stuff sacks and the small bowls really paid off. There will be pictures of that of course when we return on Sunday.


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