Rain in Iguazu :(

We took the overnight bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls on Friday. We loved our fancy seats which folded into beds, the fact that they served a hot dinner and drinks plus a breakfast the next morning. The movies left something to be desired, although it turns out that Mr. Beans Vacation is the perfect movie to watch without sound. The 18 hour trip passed blissfully quick as we slept our way north to the jungle. And Puerto Iguazu is jungle – it was hot and humid when we arrived in the town with its red dirt roads and green palm trees.

After settling into our new accomadations (where we actually got a double bed!) we purchased some tickets and got on the bus to the falls. It was hot and crowded at this major attraction but we sweated our way though half of the sites before calling it a day and planning our return the next day. This morning, we woke early to beat the crowds and hurried to the bus station. We arrived at the terminal just as the clouds broke open and heavy rain started. At first we considered going, thinking that the rain would quickly pass bringing back the sunshine we’d had the day before. But I wanted a long sleeved shirt, so we went back to grab it before catching the next bus. As we walked back to our hostel, the rain turned into tropical storm and the power went out. We waited hopefully at the bus station for things to turn better, but 4 hours later we are still in town, and only now is the rain slowing down. I think we’re going to try going again now – the weather forcast is for rain again tomorrow and we’ve already got bus tickets for our next destination leaving Monday morning.

I’ll post some pictures of the falls when I locate our USB cable in the pile of stuff that exploded from our packs as we searched for rain jackets this morning.


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