If you’re like us

you’ve probably just been sitting around in someone else’s house watching season 2 of Dark Angel and counting the hours until 12pm on April 30. But don’t worry, if Max and Logan’s forbidden love isn’t keeping you wide awake at night with excitement, this will: the Terex Titan Cam, live from “the South Eastern corner of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, on Highway No. 3, in the small town of Sparwood”. That’s right, you can watch your favorite non-operational heavy hauler 24 hours a day as it sits parked in front of that mall. Since its night time right now, you get a lovely view of the headlamps updated every few minutes. I’m assuming that the day time view is equally exciting but I haven’t got to experience it yet, I can probably check in while I watch Canada AM tomorrow.

For a different cam experience, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium Cams. Between 7am and 7pm Pacific Time you can watch live video of penguins, sea otters, fish, birds and sea turtles. I’ll be tuning in on the weekend at feeding time to see how crazy the new blackfooted penguins are!


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