Its that time!

After successfully avoiding renting something for the past 4 months now (thank you friends!), we’re finally getting ready to move into our own place. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we’ll move into our first home. I’ve been stalking the house since we put an offer in and am pleased to report that the previous owners were mostly moved out as of lunch time today. All that remained was some garbage and the giant fishing hut in the garage (I am not sure how that is going to get moved). We’re taking the rest of the week off to move out of storage and into our bungalow which is the most vacation we’re going to get for a while. The wonder-dog is moving home this weekend, so life is going to be busy from now on!


3 thoughts on “Its that time!

  1. We planned on taking pictures yesterday but lost all motivation. We will get back to our snap happy selves soon!

    Patches is going to be VERY excited to see Brinkley. He will have lots to tell Brinkley about the life of a small town dog!

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