Big Trouble in the Basement

After nearly 3 weeks of rain its become obvious what the problem is with our new house. Despite the fact that we live on a hill, the flow of water seems to be into our basement instead of with gravity. As the groundwater table rises, the water is starting to make its way across the floor. Wisely, a sump was placed in the basement and the previous owners purchased a beautiful “intelligent” pump to deal with this exact situation. Unwisely, the sump was dug down and then cased in brand new concrete – making it the lowest and driest part of the basement. Until today there wasn’t a drop of water in the sump, although we could easily pump out a bucket of water from an other wall in the basement. Its part of our daily routine to go pump out the basement, when we go to bed at night part of our goodnights is “I hope the water is lower in the morning” and Patches gets reminded every morning not to let the water get out of control. If the rain ever stop we can start fixing the problem, but until then its the drill pump and mop!


2 thoughts on “Big Trouble in the Basement

  1. Hi Jenny and Jon

    Don’t feel alone, when we bought our house the same thing happen. We finally figured it out and beat “mother nature”. No more floods and all the more wiser!

    Don’t let it get you down. I love your new home and all the wonderful things you are doing with it.

  2. I hope you guys get this fixed before I come home….good luck, I’m sure the rest of the house looks great though!

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