The good, the not so good and the ugly

The good:

  • Chicken nuggets with honey – sweet!
  • My new espresso maker – we went out to buy a lawn mower at Sears Days (its always Sears Days) and instead came home with this.
  • The combination of peanut butter and chocolate – especially when warm

The not so good:

  • The basement – the basement has been downgraded from the ugly list since we ripped out the carpet, bought a dehumidifier and it stopped raining
  • Boxes – piled everywhere, I still can’t get my house organised.  We’ve been here nearly 2 months and I still haven’t un-packed! Agh!
  • The number of small appliances we own – in the kitchen alone I can count more than 10… where am I supposed to put them all?

The ugly

  • My hair – talk about an awkward length! And I can’t afford to cut it (see The Good – item 2 for explanation)
  • The songs “Make Love in this Club” (Usher) and “Sexy Can I” (Ray J) – seriously? people want to listen to this? They just creep me out… that’s how I know I’m getting old.
  • What ever it is outside that is making me itchy. I’m SO itchy, I now have cuts on my legs from scratching… I need some calamine lotion

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