Old Goat Glacier

I was finally able to drag Jon away from his many home repair projects and out into the mountains for the day. We didn’t want to spend all day (those home repairs still call to us) so we decided to hike Old Goat Glacier which is just outside of Canmore. It’s a really pretty hike, and was relativly quiet compared to every other trail head we drove by. The initial hike (20 min) is through the forest, but then it opens up, and you climb up and up for some excellent views of the surronding mountains and such. It was brutally hot today, and we’re a little out of shape, so the climb was VERY tiring. But walking along the moraine at the top to see the “glacier” had a welcome breeze. We were the only people at the top and enjoyed our lunch watching the many waterfalls down the rock walls. There was a crowd of people coming up on our way down, and we were thankful that we were going the opposite direction (mostly because we didn’t want to go up any more).

This guy and his friend were guarding the route.

Not the way.

What’s left of the glacier.

Staying hydrated.

Checking out the view.


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