This weekend was our first multiday hike (and really, our second time in the mountains) this summer. We passed on a chance to hike the Iceline-Whaleback years ago when we’d just moved to Calgary, but we finally got around to it this summer. Its a very scenic hike for the amount of effort, and located only a couple hours from Calgary. Immediately at the trail head are views of Takakkaw Falls and within an hour or so you’re up on the Iceline and surrounded by glaciers, moraines and mountain views.
Glacier along Iceline
Glacier along Iceline
View from Iceline
View from Iceline
This continues for most of the first day (all 11 km of it)- as far as the Little Yoho Valley, where we camped for the night. Its a pretty campground, and was quiet being only our group and another group. 
Little Yoho Valley
On our second morning we hiked over the Whaleback, which is again an open ridge with spectacular views. Its a bit of a climb, but really worth it.
Looking out from the Whaleback
Looking out from the Whaleback
We strolled along the ridge, and then descended down to Twin Falls for lunch and then onto the nearby campground after we got our fill of rushing water (a total of about 10 km).
Twin Falls
Twin Falls
Just as we finished dinner, it started to pour rain and we rushed to locate our backpacking tarps. With the help of the treking poles we were able to create a roof over our heads and spent the evening watching the rain fall and playing cards. Our third day was short – 7 km out to the trailhead near Takakkaw Falls again. The rain had stopped during the night, so the trip out was pleasant but the views are limited and its mostly forest (but flat!).
Laughing Falls

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