An Update on All Sorts of Things

  1. The Noise in the Back Alley – Ever since the birthday party there has been a beeping noise around our house. It sounds like the smoke alarm on low batteries. Its not the car, its not the house, its not the dog. It kept me up at night until I shut the window. It has lasted for days. Last night we decided we HAD to know what was causing it. We tracked it to a pile of garbage on the other side of the street, and a few houses down. How can the people who live there not be going absolutely batty with the never ending beep! Hopefully the batteries die soon, but if not, its garbage day on Thursday. Until then we will drown it out with VIBE98.5…
  2. The Home Repairs – After the canoe trip we got the dry wall up (or really, my Dad did) and some of the electrical fixed. My Mom also re-did our gardens. I replaced the outside light fixtures (my parents bought new ones for us, so I thought I’d put them up) – but, being very handy, I never bothered to check if the fixtures fit in before I took the old ones down. Lets just say I am VERY good at outdoor lighting after it all…
  3. This couple HERE. When I was a grad student, I had lots of free time to read other people’s blogs. Now and again I still check to see what strangers are up to. This couple seems to be leading parallel lives to ours. We saw them get off the Red Deer River while waiting for the men-folk to shuttle cars. It is such a small world…

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