The R-words


  • After a relaxing day in Canmore we finally started ripping out the closet in our bedroom – my last sanctuary in a house full of partially renovated rooms is now gone. I have a gaping hole where I once hung my clothes, all my pants are now in the basement, and the dog is squished in between the dresser and my sock drawers. I can lie in bed and admire my husband’s framing job.


  • Technical or not, you can’t avoid hearing the word, especially if you husband feels CBC should be permanently on. We’re, as my father would say, “hunkering down” and pinching pennies where we can. Last night I made onion soup with stock made from some left over roast bones, and spare onions – there are tons of “thrifty” recipes in the Joy of Cooking if you have some spare cabbage or perhaps some ox tails hanging around. Amazingly, at this exact moment, CBC is talking about how to actually find a deal at the grocery store… Perhaps Jon is right, all one needs is CBC.

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