At Home For the Holidays

We have been Christmas shopping for three straight days now. We started Saturday morning at the mall, and ended Monday night (at London Drugs of all places). It was in keeping with the rest of our Christmas  in that we started it too late, and had to rush through it (or not accomplish it at all, see our lack of Christmas decorating for an example).  We have been frantically trying to fit all of December into a single weekend due to our very busy work schedule and it is exhausting. 

This morning we loaded all our (unwrapped)presents, the cat, the dog and the mother-in-law into the Subaru and headed north to Hinton. Its a relief to be here – we’re in the final homestretch of the pre-Christmas prep. Yes, I still have to wrap all the presents I bought, and we have to purchase all the food but at last I have time to work on the giant x-mas crossword in the Globe without worrying if I should be at the mall. I can finally got and take some pictures of the winter wonderland before the next Chinook blows in. And I can read my book with a mug of hot chocolate in hand. My parents have a tree, they have lights and they even have Christmas music…


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