My new face lotion from Lush remindes me of Africa. It doesn’t smell like Africa (that smell is more like burning garbage on a hot day), it just remindes me of Africa. Northern Ghana in particular. And I don’t know why, I can’t even remember what face lotion I used then but I’m sure it didn’t smell like this stuff. It makes me want to travel, *sigh*.

I have been very sucessful in drinking my New Years Resolution. Not to say that I have been slugging back litres of the stuff, but I have managed every day for the last two weeks to drink the minimum 1 L of the H2O. Its hard, really, usually I can’t get it all in until just before bed.  I still have 1/2 L to go before I’m allowed to go to bed tonight. Its almost easier to follow our minimum 20 days of exercise a month goal. Sad, very.

The temperature in my camp room is at least a million degrees, despite having the thermostat set at way less then a million.  Its strange, especially since the air vent is working (which it usually doesn’t). Ugh, it just came on again.


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