Getting Out

The view from the ski trail

We do a pretty poor job of getting out of the city and into the mountains in the winter. Last year we snowshoed once, in 2007 we also snowshoed once, and in 2006 the bread maker made an active winter impossible. This year we’re trying to change that by taking up a new winter sport – cross-country skiing. Its easy on the budget and doesn’t require a huge time commitment (both good things for us!).  Plus, since I used to ski, it finally gives me a sport that I’m better than Jon at (for now at least).

With absolutely perfect weather this weekend, we felt it was a good time to head to Kananaskis for some skiing (we chose the trails at Peter Lougheed). I loved being back out on my skis, and the nice easy trails we skied were great! Assuming the snow holds we’ll be back out next weekend for some more.

It was pretty quite out on the trails for a long weekend (of the maybe 20 people we saw while skiing, one of them was a guy Jon went to Lakehead with). For about a half hour all we saw was a few whiskey jacks and a coyote. We followed the coyote along the ski trails for a while before he gave up and got off the ski loop. While driving home, another (or possibly the same) coyote stopped us on the road and came right up to the driver’s side. He then licked his lips while staring at Jon. He must have been remembering how tasty Jon looked in his ski outfit. The coyotes seem to have no fear this winter!

*An unrelated coyote incident occurred today at the offleash park where Patches chased a coyote until an elderly couple distracted Patches and the coyote escaped.

A little colour in the brown woods
A little colour in the brown woods

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