With Four Days Left

This was my last full weekend before I head out on 6 weeks of travel in the general direction of Africa. Our “task” for the weekend was to take Patches and Donnelly to my parents house for their own “vacation” while we’re visiting the real life African Lion Safari.  Its not a huge undertaking (plus we get to visit my parents!), but the drive to Hinton takes us about 6 hours with stops for the dog, and the cat, and coffee (no, we did not roll up the rim and win), and a pee-break – do that twice in 2 days and you don’t have a lot of time for much else.

While my parents may have been thrilled to see us, their cats where much less excited about having Patches and Donnelly around for the next 4 weeks. Patches isn’t too much trouble, but Donnelly struts around like he owns the place, generally upsetting the natural order. We all had a pretty sleepless night on Friday as the cats tried to work out some sort of arrangement and Patches barked periodically (just because he can).

Luckily, Saturday was relaxing enough to help us recover. We went to Liquidation World because they were selling off door knobs at a reduced price (we had to get a few, once we finish painting we can get rid of those ugly brass things!). And then I got to read, wonderful! And drink tea, out of real tea cup! My parents have a large book collection in basement, which I borrow from when I visit. My book choice was trashy murder mystery (perhaps titled “Easy Prey”??) but kept me occupied for the afternoon. I rarely give myself the luxury of sitting down and doing nothing for an afternoon, so this was a real treat.

Today we walked the mutt (and he ran away after a deer) and then drove home. The drive was just as unexciting as before, but with less stops without the animals. All I can say is if you’re around the Village of Caroline and you are absolutely tired of your current radio (and you can’t get VIBE98.5 until Sundre) you should tune into 96.4(ish) and try 25 Years of Hits (the country version). I think its only on weekends, but boy, its special. I had some good laughs.

Its quiet at home without the animals. We went for a run, and it was way harder than usual without the dog to stop us.  I dropped some naan bread on the floor and had to pick it up.  We miss the pets already, but know that they’re having a great time in Hinton. Thanks Mom and Dad!


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