I returned from Kenya to find that my laptop would no longer boot up(despite having not been used since before I left). With only a weekend between trips, I didn’t exactly have the time to rush it to the computer doctor.  But, because my husband is an all round great guy, he dropped my computer off with the experts (while I’m away) to find out what exactly the error message “no bootable drives” might mean to my continued enjoyment of my laptop.  Jon relayed the bad news to me the other night – best cause scenario is that they can recover my files, worst case scenario is that all is lost (and I’ll be forced to rummage in the basement for my backup disks).  Either way, I’m in the market for a new computer. For now I have my some what unreliable refurbished work Toshiba but I’d like to replace it with something a little better (and something that doesn’t belong to my employer).

I’m been eyeing a Macbook, but the price tag is a little daunting. My other option is a Dell Inspiron, my last laptop was a Dell and we got along pretty good. Its also a couple hundred dollars cheaper for about the same idea. I’d sorta toyed with the idea of the Dell Inspiron Mini, but I’m not sure if portability is worth the sacrifices in other features (although the price is enjoyable). And then there are weight issues, software decisions and is 200 GB enough space? (For reference, my old lap top had 40 GB).

I would make a complicated decision making chart, but the Toshiba can’t handle it. I’m open to ideas on the computer purchase issue, especially if you own one of the above mentioned computers.


3 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Don’t listen to her, Macs are the work of the devil. Our lab uses Mac and I find them annoying as anything.
    I own an inspiron right now and I haven’t had a single problem with it so far. I think it’s delightful. I give it two thumbs up! And it’s way cheaper, so why not?!

  2. You will get an extra 5 cool points and 2 hotness points with the Mac. This will put you slightly above Mike in terms of coolness and give you back your 2 hotness points you lost when you got married 😉
    Sucks your computer broke! hope you go with the mac I love mine!

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