Geophysics in the Badlands

Despite feeling like I was on a vacation, the real reason I was hanging out in the prairies was to try my hand at some geophysics on the river. Which was hardly a bad thing, given where I was. Every time I head out this way, I’m blown away by the badland scenery and today was no exception. It was a little cool out on the water in early May, but the river valley itself was spectacular. There are worse places to be working for sure! Last year we canoed the Red Deer River from Drumheller to Dinosaur Provincial Park, and I was disapointed in the scenery but being on the water made me want to give it another try. When I have more vacation time, a little paddling to the border might be in order…

I also got a chance to try out my new dry suite (from the waist down) and was pleasantly surprised. Wading into the water and not getting wet is something I could get used to.

Hard at work
Hard at work, just another day not in the office

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