Just Another Weekend

I really think that all weekends should be at least three days, how do you get anything done in two??  It’s particularly hard with the nice weather – its way more tempting to be out and about than at home doing laundry and groceries. That’s why we have to limit ourselves to one day of adventure, and one day of chores around here on the weekends (or the poor house would fall into disrepair).

Saturday was funday this weekend- we headed out to Lake Minnewanka (Banff) to exercise our hiking muscles for the first time this year. Really, you could hardy call this a hike, it’s more of a glorified dog walk in the mountains, but it felt great to be just out anywhere getting some vitamin D. Once we made it past the crowds on the first 1 km of trail, we basically had it to ourselves (except some mountain bikers) and since its flat, we could stroll along at quite the pace. It was sunny, warm, and the water of the lake was a beautiful blue. We lunched on the shore while Patches played in the waves and it was PERFECT. On our way out we passed a woman hiking in flipflops and a barely there Corona bikini top and we decided that lovely as the walk was, we really need to up our difficulty level if we actually want to consider our outtings a “hike”. Even though it was a low output activity, I still got to stop at the Grizzly Paw Brewery and buy cream soda on the way home. Delicious!

Lake Minnewanka, Banff
Lake Minnewanka, Banff. There isn't any snow, so I don't know why the trail conditions were only listed as fair.

Chores took up most of Sunday – weeding the flower beds is almost a full time job. But, things are starting to grow with all the nice weather and my diligent watering. I’ve got little radish, lettuce and swiss chards sprouting up. My planters are full with flowers and the new ivy plant has taken off. We’re also trying to achieve a dandelion free yard, so 4 days of the week, today included, we pull up 100 giant dandelions (although you can’t really tell). I also did laundry, fought with the masses at Superstore, painted the bedroom door and got it hung back up.  Because I was so productive, I finished it off with another cream soda, delicious!


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