The Library is a Long Way from Here

Because the weather has been sort of crummy lately, I’ve actually been able to fit in some reading time. That means I finished all my trashy novels, and had to finally return them to the library. Since we’re all about the multitasking these days, we decided that walking the dog to the library would basically take care of all our chores on a Monday night. Easy, especially since the library is only a 3 km drive away (which should be only a 3km walk as well). But, this was our first walking trip to the library, and we soon found ourselves wandering the streets of Bowness, much further away from the library than we should have been. Luckily, we were able to make our way back to the main drag, and find our lovely local branch at last. We dropped off the backpack full of books that Jon had been forced to carry, and took the less scenic, but much more direct route home. A quick look at Google tonight shows that the route we took was slightly over 10 km, and that had we simply followed the bike route signs near the bridge, we would have cut quite a few km from that total. It wasn’t a complete waste of time, the dog was exhausted, we didn’t need to go for a run and we saw some great new pathways. Needless to say, tonight we drove to drop off our books since we didn’t have the 2.5 hours to commit to another adventure.


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