Where the Weekend Went

My parents roared into town on Thursday night, the start of a big weekend of shopping, eating and home repairs. This is pretty typical of a visit with the parents, so I was prepared for a weekend of flashing my credit card, and adding items to my home repair to-do list well in advance of Friday afternoon (when I finally escaped from work to join them).

I actually enjoy shopping (I know, isn’t that sort of a terrible thing?) so I was more than happy to indulge for a weekend. Really, I didn’t buy too much stuff, it always just feels excessive (maybe it really is??). I am most excited about my new ultimate frisbee skirt that I scored for half price at Golf Town. Who knew that they made so many awesome skirts for golfing? And that those golfing skirts are technical fabric, with built-in shorties, making them ideal for ulti? I guess my Mom knew, since she took me there…

In addition, I dropped a few bucks on new sports bras, which are AMAZING. If you haven’t tried out a Shock Absorber, you don’t know what you’re missing… Plus, the website has some pretty bizarre features.

Oh, and I finally found a pair of knee length, non-cotton hiking shorts. Summer adventures can officially begin!

With ulti two nights a week, Jon and I are only eating 5 dinners instead of 7, so I don’t get as many chances these days to try out new meal ideas. I took the opportunity to try out a few new recipes this weekend under the pretence of being a good hostess. I tried out a cheesey popcorn recipe that caught my eye in the LCBO and a delicious BBQ meatloaf from the Real Grilling cookbook. Both were excellent, especially the meatloaf. I’m excited to try a few more recipes out of that cookbook before the summer grilling season is over.

Home Repairs
While I was off shopping for shorts and such, Jon was spending our money on home repair items. We’ve been eyeing this flooring for the basement and this weekend it finally dropped to more than 50% off. Jon purchased enough for the basement, and then when we got home and started looking around, we decided that we’d buy a little more and redo the mud room while we were at it. So, today while Jon was away, I ripped up the mudroom carpet and put in the new tile. I’m pretty proud of myself, it’s my first flooring job and I worked hard enough to get a blister. Yup, sweat and blood to put that floor in.

It looked so good I didn't want to put the furniture back in
It looked so good I didn't want to put the furniture back in

It was also 50% off plants at Sunnyside this weekend, so Mom purchased a few more bedding plants and a couple perennials for the beds. I also put in two new plant containers with herbs. I don’t have any more room for plants, assuming what I’ve got doesn’t get killed by summer time snow or frost.


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