End of June

I wanted to write about all the exciting things that we’ve been up to lately. But, when I sat down and actually thought about how we’ve been spending our time, I realised that most of it has been spent playing frisbee. Like this weekend. It was a bit of shock to discover that its almost July, and we haven’t been out and about nearly as much as I’d envisioned at the start of May. There are so few weekends in the summer, and I’ve already eaten up nearly half of them! But, history would suggest that this is usually the case for June, and I shouldn’t worry too much as I have been way too busy without outdoor adventures anyways.

I haven’t posted much about the house, because we haven’t been making too much progress now with the yard to keep us occupied. But, in May we finished the bedroom – with the exception of the trim (which we might never get to at this rate) and I finally took some “after” photos.  What took Jon (and me, a little bit) over a year can be summarized as:

Bedroom, May 4 2009
Bedroom, May 4 2008 - As purchased

Bedroom, May 19 2009
Bedroom, May 19 2008 - The planning starts

Bedroom, Nov 2009
Bedroom, Nov 2008 - A hole is made

Bedroom, Feb 2009
Bedroom, Feb 2009 - Mud is applied

The bedroom, May 2009 - The second paint colour is applied
Bedroom, May 2009 - The second paint colour is applied

Bedroom, June 2009
Bedroom, June 2009 - The finished product

We’re still a few finishing touches shy of “after” for the rest of the main floor. But hopefully it will be coming soon!

Because we’ve been working on our gardens, things are actually starting to grow. I ate the first strawberry on Friday, and I’ve got a few more that are almost red and juicy. My flower pots, which looked pretty thin in May are bushy and full now. My little veggie patches are working away, producing baby lettuce and Swiss chard. If the radishes would just stop growing leaves and start growing some roots we’d be in business! And Jon’s ivy is taking growing up the wall very seriously and grows about an inch every couple days. I’d been such a negative Nancy about the ivy, telling him “na na it won’t come up,  na na it won’t come up, na na it won’t come up, your carrot won’t come up” and like the song, I have been very wrong.

We’re off shortly for Canoe Trip 2009 and I have got to finish the groceries, bake a few last minute goodies and get everything packed up by Friday afternoon. All while going to work, playing frisbee and looking after the animals. Good thing that Wednesday is a holiday because I’m going to need every minute that I can get to have it all finished by departure time.  I’m wishing for hot sun, calm waters and no bugs for the next week, but we’ll see what we actually get. Should be good either way (although better with good weather).


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