Small Town Times

Remember Oyen? Well, this week we’re continuing our tour of obscure Alberta-SK border towns with a stay in Burstall. There seems to be a sort of trend with me going away on vacation, and then immediately being sent to the most eastern reaches of Alberta. Hmmm….

Beautiful Burstall is pretty close to Oyen, if we’d just headed north for another hour I could try that bacon fried rice! Oh, and here’s a fun fact – Burstall is actually in Saskatchewan!

There was debate on the drive here as to whether Burstall is a town, hamlet or village. The official google result is a town and, according to their webpage, is the Turbo Expander Capital of the World. Yup, the World. We’re at the Burstall Motel , which has a slight edge over the Antelope Inn in that my room (despite being smaller than the master bedroom in my bungalow) is less than 10 years old and reflects this with modern colours, big fluffy towels and cable TV. So, even though the wireless network has the strength of a newborn kitten, I can watch terrible TV shows based around models to pass away the evening. I’ll admit, I haven’t been out around town but I think that’s because I can see most of it from the front of the motel. Looks nice enough, and it does sport something called the Burstall Hilton – which may be a sports pub.

It’s sort of too bad that we only have one night here. I’d love to see more of the town, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t any food to be had during our working hours. And, sometimes, a girls gotta eat! Plus, I’m a little nervous about being this close to so many gas plants. Not all of us feel that being in the “heart of the gas patch” is such a great thing.


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