A Little Bit of Pre-Hiking Excitement

Jon and I have been going rather insane in our little cubicle worlds since we returned from our canoe trip.  The weather has been amazing, and its agonising to sit and watch all those people enjoying 7-11 slurpies while I’m clicking buttons on my computer.  Yesterday it took all my will power (and a giant zip lock bag of popcorn) to keep me in my office chair working away, when all I wanted to do was run out and join all those slurpie drinking-non cubicle dwelling folks. Ok, maybe I didn’t want to hang out with them, a few looked pretty sketchy and may actually have been on their way to the bottle depot. But at least they were outside…

It’s been hard, but for the past three weeks I’ve been a good girl, and haven’t spent all my salary on slurpies and now we get to take an extra long weekend and go out into the “wilds” and frolic!  Tomorrow morning we’re off to hike the Rockwall – four wonderful days in the mountains won’t cure the office blues but it will make us forget them for a while. I might be thinking a little differently around km 18 on day 2, but by the end of it all I know it will be worth dragging my exhausted body into the mountains for the weekend. The weather forecast even looks decent – please, please be true!

Our bags are packed (and seem smaller than usual, what piece of crucial hiking gear did I forget??), the dog is enjoying his own vacation with “Grandpa John” and Donnelly has been bribed with a new “inclined cat scratcher with intriguing cubbyhole”. I just have to remember to grab lunch out of the fridge.

Pictures of lovely mountain scenery and happy MacDonalds to be posted when we return.


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