So I Think I’m Ready

I’ve done everything on my to-do list, but the question is really – was the to-do list complete? I’ve got a packed bag (minus my running clothes, which are still drying), I’ve taken out the garbage and I’ve charged my ipod. I didn’t get my house cleaned. I haven’t even cracked the guidebooks since they arrived last week. I’m pretty sure, but not confident that I packed more than 1 pair of underwear.  But even if I’ve forgotten undergarments, I’m off to Spain tomorrow and I’ll just have to hope that I’ve got free time in the evening for laundry.

I’m also hoping for nice weather because all I’ve brought is summer wear, like this super cute dress. While new dresses aren’t in the budget (sorry darling, but I think you’ll like it), I just couldn’t resist. Look how cute it is!  Plus, it’s Patagonia so I can jam it in my bag and it will pop out looking like new. I love low maintenance clothing!


(On the off-chance the weather is crummy I’ve packed jeans and a hoodie. But if it rains, I’m staying in my hotel room and napping!)


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