In Madrid

Arrived in Spain this afternoon after some pretty standard flights. This is my 5th long haul flight in the past 1/2 year and I’m sort of getting tired of the flying. I love being in a new country, but I can feel the ache in my bones after 11 hrs of cramped sitting.

The view from the plane window wasn’t what I was expecting when we landed in Madrid. It’s drier, and redder than I thought it would be – much more like Africa than I had pictured. I haven’t seen anything of the city, other than the airport and a few streets on our way to the hotel. But we’ll get to drive to coast tomorrow in the daylight so I should be able to see a few things.

My personal luggage arrived and we got out of a long drive tonight and are actually staying in a pretty nice hotel. These are all very positive things and promise a better start to the trip than I thought. Haven’t had dinner yet, and I can feel the jet lag starting to catch up to me so hopefully that happens soon and I can head to bed! Too much reading “Twilight” and not enough sleeping on the plane.


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