Some Thoughts on Spanish Food

We’re in Madrid, and my very nice hotel advertises 24 hr “adult videos” in your room. They have a little sign on the bedside table letting me know that I can watch continuous showings from 12 pm to 12 am. My free personel care  products in the bathroom also included a shower sponge. Strange?

This has been the most exhausting travel/work experience of my life. We’ve combined the North American early morning start with the Spanish late night dinner, and completely skipped the afternoon siesta. Basically, it’s a work day from 6 am to 1 am – EVERY DAY. I’m at the point where if I sit down some where I just doze off and I’m sure I’m starting to act like a zombie when I’m awake. It’s not much geophysics, but things like interviews, filming and trying to decide what to do next can take up a lot of time.

Part of my zombie like state has to do with the fact that I’ve been served ham for 3 meals a day. If it wasn’t for the rise and set of the sun, I wouldn’t have any idea what meal I was supposed to be eating. A little ham is good, but this might be a bit much. Now that we don’t have a cook, I’ve move to an almost exclusive diet of salad, ice cream and juice boxes because I can’t face ordering anything on the restaurant menus. Luckily, the ensalada mixtais quite hearty – tuna, eggs, tomatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce and sometimes green beans. With a little oil and vinegar, it’s really good. The map I was given by my hotel this afternoon showed the location of all the McDonalds in Madrid, so maybe this lack of enthusiasm for ham is something that all travellers to Spain experience at some point.


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