Madrid on Foot

We finished up our stay in Barcelona with a run along the beach and dip in the Mediterranean Sea.  The next morning, we caught a high speed train and zipped off to Madrid while watching High School Musical 3 in Spanish. The high speed train was worth every Euro – we got to sleep in, and we were still in Madrid by 4 pm to enjoy a quick walk around before dinner time.

Madrid Streets
Madrid Streets

Madrid is quite different from Barcelona – streets are a little wider, and there’s a Starbucks on almost every corner. Even though the city doesn’t seem to get the rave reviews of Barcelona, we managed to pass an enjoyable day here today following Lonely Planet Madrid’s “Historic Madrid Walk”- in reverse. Aren’t we off the beaten path! It took us about 4 hours to see palaces, gardens, fountains and churches – all very lovely and over the top, of course. We don’t have a single grand looking building like these back home, and here they’re a dime a dozen.

Palace and statue. Behind us is a garden.
Palace and statue. Behind us is a garden. You've got to have all three.

After getting our fill of historic buildings, we stopped to eat bread and cheese in the Plaza Mayor and watch football rowdies, a very fat spider man and people in boxes try and scare tourists. There was also a photo shoot, some accordian players and Minnie Mouse. 

Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Plaza Mayor. The little brown box in front is two heads, which when you walk by/take their photo are supposed to jump up and scare you. These heads seemed to be on siestas as they never did anything.

After all that walking, I’m enjoying a bag of my new favorite potato chips – Campesina flavour, and Jon is enjoying his favorite thing about Spain – napping. We plan on heading to Toledo tomorrow which will require an earlish start and more walking so its best that we’re taking this little break today and recharging. Wouldn’t want to become exhausted while on vacation!

Stained glass light in the church
Stained glass light in the church

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