Away to the North

I’m back in Fort McMurray – the first time in almost 9 months. The trip up here involved all things that make flying less than fun – long waits in the airport, small prop planes and sharing your seat with a giant person who feels entitled to 75% of the leg room. But, the weather in Fort Mac isn’t too bad. I walked the 20 minutes to the grocery store and didn’t get hypothermia, so it must be pretty mild here. I’m only here for a short stay, but after a weekend away, and my pets just home, I’m already looking forward to being back in Calgary.

My biggest achievement of late is not biting my nails. I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember but it’s a nasty habit, and something that I should probably stop. So, I’ve promised myself a full manicure if I can make it to the end of the month without chomping off any of my nails. I’ve been “on the wagon” since my trip to Spain, and am working very hard at keeping them there for the next two weeks. My constant companion is my nail file, and I’ve taken to painting my nails to make sure that I see them as more than a worry toy. We’ll see how the field treats my lovely fingers and how we’re doing at the end of the week.


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