So, I’ve decided to run a marathon. With frisbee over for the season, I need something to motivate me to run and a marathon seems to be a good challenge. Plus, my butt is starting to look like something off The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp  and no-one wants that.  It could be an optical illusion created by wearing the same running tights I bought in highschool, but why risk it?

Once upon a time I was an avid runner, these days not so much. But, thanks to Runner’s World and my limited training knowledge, I’ve put together an initial 12 week plan which is designed to whup me back into shape. The new plan is all done up in a spreadsheet and stuck to the fridge – that means it’s serious! Once I’m lean and fit (or close enough to) then we’ll move to the marathon training program and see how it goes. I’ve decided that the Vancouver Marathon in May is a good target so there isn’t a huge rush (that’s still 6 months) but my general fitness could go up a few notches before I try anything too serious.

Today was my first run on the new program, and it went OK. I then got to cross it off the training plan with a giant yellow highlighter which means only 47 more runs to go. The biggest problem I can see (besides the upcoming cold and snow) is the double duties of dog walking and running. Patches gets bored after more than 3 miles or so, which means there are a lot of days that are going to go like this: dog walk – work – dogwalk – run- dogwalk – dinner – dogwalk – bed. At least I won’t be bored…


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