I Shouldn’t Have Made Fun of That Sign

Saturday morning, Jon rolled over in bed and announced he had a “man cold“. He then spent the day sleeping on the couch, drinking tea and watching movies. Turns out the cold was serious enough to require napping! I, meanwhile, went to the grocery store, cooked a triple batch of home-made chicken fingers, made a loaf of banana bread, went for a run and walked the dog again. This morning wasn’t any different, so Jon moved back onto his couch and popped in another movie. Convinced I was immune to the cold (it has been absolute ages since I had a serious cold – it looks like October 2006, and November 2007 were the last recorded incidents), I spent today walking the dog, cleaning the house, getting more groceries, doing laundry, running 6 miles and making dinner. It was all going well until I came home from my run, and went down the basement. Within 15 minutes I had the dry hacking cough, the funny feeling head and the slightly queasy stomach. Ugh! While I have been trying to avoid Jon, it hasn’t appeared to work and I’ve got slightly milder (at the moment) symptoms of what he’s got.

While Jon is the obvious cause for this, I think the root cause is a bit deeper. On Friday, I made a sarcastic comment regarding the new hand washing instructions that have been posted in the stalls in the women’s washroom at work. I then dug myself deeper with a comment about how long its been since I’ve been sick. Someone must have been listening, and I’m paying for it now. Hopefully it’s like an 8 hour cold and I’m back to myself tomorrow morning! Jon is heading out, and I’m going to have to single parent the pets for another week. Being sick is way worse when you have no-one to coddle you and a dog that demands a minimum of two walks a day.


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