The First Six Snowflakes

As I mentioned the other day, one of my Christmas home-maker goals is to crochet 12 different snowflakes for my tree. I’ve finished the first six now, and I think they’re lovely. A few white lights on the tree and it will all be beautiful.

My new snowflakes
I found all the patterns (except the one I made) on the internet (see below), and made them all with my size 7 hook and the thread that I found at my parent’s house. I don’t really have the patience for long projects, but since these only take a couple hours each, you can have the satisfaction of a finished product right away. I am not picky about exact stitch counting. I used “Stiffen Stuff” to stiffen them – it came in a spray bottle so I could pre-pin the snowflakes and not get all covered in sticky glue.
Six different snowflakes

I made snowflake #1 first, way back in January. It’s from Martha Stewart, Pattern #4. It’s my favorite of the snowflakes, and if I have time to make extra’s, I’ll make another one of these. Finished size is about 4″.
Snowflake #2 is a mini snowflake – it’s only about 2″ and takes about an hour. I made two of them one night in camp.
I honestly can’t find the pattern for snowflake #3 – but I must have had one because there is no way I came up with anything that complicated on my own! It’s about 5″ and is the biggest snowflake of the bunch.
Snowflake #4 is my own pattern – it’s a mix of a few other snowflakes and I’m sure there are other pattern’s out there that look like it. It’s about 4.5″.
Snowflake #5 is the star snowflake (it’s about 3″) and snowflake #6 is a very quick and easy snowflake pattern (also about 3″).

After some serious googling last week, I’ve found enough different patterns to keep me in snowflakes for another year or so. I’ve got a few lonely weeks of field work coming up, so I might make a few more than planned…


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