Some Times You Get What You Want

and sometimes you settle for what’s available. You want to go for a run, but the only treadmill at the hotel needs it’s belt lubed. You want a baked potato and side salad, but instead you get fries and a caesar salad. Which is a bad idea, since you skipped your run earlier….

But, even though those parts of my day didn’t work out and now I’m going to have to work out on a Friday, there were lots of other small things that made it a good day. Starting with my server at Tim Horton’s this morning, whose name was Voltar. That’s like Walter, with the accent built right in. Fantastic! And although it happened yesterday, I am still am laughing about the weasel that crossed in front of our truck yesterday, causing my co-worker to exclaim “look at that fancy gopher”. I find the combination of “fancy” and “gopher” very humorous after 12 hours of manual labour….


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