Back to the Usual

I cooked my first Christmas dinner of the holidays last night. Well, I didn’t cook it all, Jonny and his mom did a lot of the work but I did do some of it. Ok, all I made was dessert – but that was almost as delicious as the turkey roast that they made. Since I didn’t want to have to go grocery shopping, I made what I could out of my own cupboard: biscuit topped fruit cobbler. I used this recipe for the fruit part of it but relied on my trusted Joy of Cooking for the biscuit crust (although I’m sure the one on the web page would be equally flakey and fluffy). It was pretty good, so I ate it for lunch today too.

And it was a pretty good thing I had all that cobbler for lunch, since my flight to Fort McMurray was delayed way past afternoon snack hour. Unlike other flights, I did not have a seat-mate (yay!) which is great since those planes are itty bitty. The lady who screened my luggage noted the large amount of pet hair on my stuff and recommended that new lint/pet hair picker upper thingy. I couldn’t decide if I needed to be insulted or not but either way I should maybe try it out. Now that Donnelly has taken to sleeping on the bed, no where is cat hair free.

And now that I’m in Fort McMurray, and it’s -abillion degrees C, I have nothing to do with my evening but watch Slice TV. That’s not exactly true, I could pick a new TV channel, or do something educational (but hey, I almost finished Stone Angel on the plane today, that’s like week of education right there) but the remote is broken and getting up to change channel is just SO much work… The low point in my Slice watching was the last show, something called Instant Beauty Pageant Canada. In this fine show, our charming hosts force 5 random women (that they find at a mall) into a beauty pageant right then and there. The “contestants” have to pick out a swim suite, evening dress and perform a “talent” all within the next four hours. Thrilling.

And I really shouldn’t be sitting on the couch since I haven’t run in a week!! Agh! And last week’s runs were not what they needed to be. By the time I’m out of the cold and can run again, it’s going to have been TWO weeks, and that’s long enough for me to have lost everything I’ve gained… ugh!! The Christmas to-do list is going to have to include a lot of miles.


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