New Cupboards!

The home repairs were in full swing over the holidays. It seems that even Christmas can’t get in the way of the Dads’ enthusiasm. Basements were painted, landings were expanded, sinks were fixed, and new cupboards were built for the kitchen! The basement painting was Jon’s doing – but I’m glad it’s done, now we’ve got the floors and the storage cabinets left to go. The new landing solves my flooring problems and the sink was a leaker. As for the cupboards, we’ve been thinking about some kitchen renos but have lacked the get up and go until now. Our newest cupboards were like a more advanced Ikea – Jon’s Dad designed and built most of them, and left Jon and I with instructions on how to assemble the bigger pieces and the fixtures to do it.

I think they look lovely, and they do sort of solve our space problem. Only sort of, because my stuff just seems to have expanded to fill the new cupboards without leaving more cupboard space elsewhere. We plan on redoing the rest of our existing cupboards with new knobs and the butcher block top, but only once we’ve saved up some $$, and I’m ready to give up my kitchen use for a while.

Before: Just bare wall
After: Under the opening - a new pot cupboard.
Before: An ugly microwave holder from CT without any wheels.
After: Microwave cupboard and more storage

 It should be noted, before you think we’ve gotten really sloppy, that things are just primed not painted. There will be more even coverage with the white when we actually do the kitchen.


One thought on “New Cupboards!

  1. I think things look great..Remember my new physics theory on how stuff just expands to fill available space…nobel prize material

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