Breaking the Barrier

This weekend was our first double-digit run – 10 miles (or 16 km for those in metric, I’m training in miles*)! We’re one week away from finishing our “marathon training” training – February 1st we will actually start training, up to this point we’ve just been prepping ourselves for the training. I have made up the new 13 week schedule, roughly based on Hal Higdon’s training plans. I will likely spend a lot of the next 13 weeks moaning about how much running I’ve got to do – 10 miles was long, and I’m going to have to add another 10 miles during training and then find the guts for another 6 miles come race day. The madness of it all is just too much to handle, so I’m trying not to think about it. One foot in front of the other.

The weather has cooled off again, so I’m back to wearing a ton of clothes on my runs. I’m glad I took the sales woman’s advice and splurged on the Louis Garneau Stopzone Tights after the last cold snap. I feel a little like an 80’s rock star when I put them on – they have this pleathery feel to them, and being tights, are tight, but they do the job. While I still got cold, the only part of me to really freeze was the strip of belly that sits just above the tights (and apparently below my shirt). Next year I’ve really got to buy a winter weight running jacket, or get the belly in line.

And on another whiney note – I’m starting to lose toenails. All ultimate season I only suffered the lost of 1 nail, and now I’ve got four or five that have decided they want no part of this running thing. I only hope that they give up soon and just get on with the falling off, because they hurt now!

*There are two reasons for training in miles: 1- that’s what the training programs are in. 2- 20 miles is a nice round number, a training distance of 32.19 km isn’t.


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