Departing for the Weekend

Tonight I made rice krispie squares, cleaned the litter box, packed, cooked dinner and ran 6 miles. Last night I did laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and ran. Compare this to the weekend where all I did was run, and watch bobsledding. And that took almost two full days. I’m just so much better at accomplishing things when I know I’m running out of time.

All the cleaning, cooking and fussing is because I’m heading off to Fort McMurray and I just can’t bear the thought of leaving poor Jonny to fend for himself without having made at least some effort to leave the house in suitable shape. Not that Jon can’t cook, clean or look after the pets but I feel that it’s my duty as a wife to leave him with at least a few meals, and a clean house.  I can’t do anything about the dog, no matter how much I walk him, he’s always going to need to go out, but at least Jon doesn’t have to plan his dinner after that. I’m only gone until the weekend, but I just feel better when I know he’s not eating meatball quesadillas, or hot dogs. 

And those rice krispie squares, they’re hard. I understand the ingredient list is simple, and the idea is easy, but the man power required to stir in those rice bits is enormous. In fact, I had to call Jon over to do the stirring while I simply greased things up. I wonder if they can be adapted to work in the kitchen-aid?


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