It’s the Start of a New Running Plan

I’m so tight today – my calves and hams are just one big bundle of knots. I’m pretty sure it’s the running, but the stretching skeptic is blaming the stretching after yesterday’s run. I’m terrible at stretching before and after running, and its pure lazyness on my part. While I have the time and energy to commit to a 1.5 hour run, finding 10 minutes to stretch when I get home just seems like too much work. I’ve got to find the time though, before I’m unable to walk. All this running won’t do me any good if I pull something in 10 weeks.

I’m working on the stretching by taking yoga. I’m not exactly sure what kind of yoga I am currently practicing, but it’s painful. It’s possible that most of the pain is due to my lack of flexibility and not the type of yoga though. The instructor’s comment to me today was “I love the strength, but couldn’t we straighten that leg out a bit more?” Yes, we could, but that would cause all the muscles to rip away from the bone. Later in the class I developed some serious hamstring cramps and decided that yoga after my long training run was just a recipe for disaster. I love the focus of yoga, but hate that my body won’t always cooperate. I guess that’s why you practice – I just have to keep working on my yoga challenges.

We finished our half-marathon training program on Sunday, and while we didn’t run every run as scheduled, I think we did pretty good (206 miles of running since the middle of October!). I feel like I might actually be able to run a half-marathon now, amazing since in September a mere 3 miles was a struggle. 12 weeks is the longest that I have consistently run since before I got married, and, other than the minor aches and pains I whine about, it feels great. The best part about that much exercise is that it makes you want more. That’s why we now have officially moved into the marathon training program starting today (1 run down, 51 left to go). This is where I actually have to get serious, because I only have 13 weeks left to convince myself I can do this. Eeek!


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