The Grass is Greener

I got home just in time to enjoy the last little bit of spring weather here in Calgary before the snow/sleet started up again today. Fort McMurray was having a similar warm spell, but spring is always better at home. It’s better when you’re not wearing nomex, and driving through puddles which could be classified as “lakes” here in Alberta. It’s better when you’re walking your dog in the sunshine, or sitting out on the deck watching the grass get greener.

Yesterday we ran 16 miles in shorts and t-shirts. The first 8 miles felt glorious, the next four were alright, I did two more without much discomfort and I convinced myself that two more were doable. We’ve started drinking a little water, and snacking on sour jubejubes while we run, which really helps after about 10 miles. After that run, I think I’m almost confident I can do this, and officially registered for our marathon. Now I just have to get through another 7 weeks of training, or 262 miles.

Even though it’s back to snowing and running in tights today, the warm weather has given me hope that we’re almost through winter. I needed that hope, because this winter has been awfully long. It feels longer than last year, I don’t know why. But now I know that it won’t be too long before it’s really spring (and my tulips seem to be thinking the same thing). I’ve started thinking about gardening, ultimate frisbee and staining the deck. I’m almost planning summer, but not quite, because that might be just a bit early…


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